Down-to-Earth poetry about life and love in the city. Poems for people who think they don't like poetry (and those who do). Poems as compelling as your favourite song lyrics. Contains bonus subject index. 

Not Quite the Man for the Job was the winner of the inaugural REACT Top Young Adult Read, 1998 and a nominee for Age Book of the Year, 1998.

Michael Leunig said: "Adam Ford's poetry is young, open-hearted and generous; and, in spite of it all, it seems glad to be alive. In a depressed and deceitful world it declares and asserts itself with real strength and great good humour while still yearning deeply, here, there, and elsewhere, for grace and loveliness, with a persistent, sweet courage. There is also something of the irrepressible, spirited, folk voice here too: the timeless regenerative voice; the odd, funny voice that comes cheerfully out of some unlikely place, usually just in the nick of time, to awaken us from our moribund, world-weary sleep."

You'll get:
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    Language: English / Published: 04 September 2012


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    Adam Ford

    Adam Ford is a dad and the author of the poetry books The Third Fruit is a Bird, Not Quite the Man for the Job and From My Head, the novel Man Bites Dog and the short story collection Heroes and Civilians. He is the genius behind the cult-hit website Monkey Punch Dinosaur and the twitter novel Aramis Fox.

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