Whose Doctor? Reflections on a Time Lord

Philip Ashmore, Emilie Collyer, Adam Ford, George Ivanoff, LJ Maher, Ben McKenzie, Karen Pickering, John Richards, Jules Wilkinson, Aimee Rhodes.

Nine of Australia's finest authors examine their relationship to Doctor Who from all angles. From letters begging to be allowed to write for the show and poems about step-families bonding over mutual love of the Doctor, to examinations of how New Who subverts the male gaze and introductory lectures to aspiring companions, this collection presents a range of unique and personal takes on Britain's favourite and longest-running science fiction television show.

The pieces in this collection were originally performed live on stage in late Melbourne, Australia, in November 2013 as part of "Not Quite the Big Finish: An Evening of Doctor Who Spoken Word", a 50th Anniversary celebration of Doctor Who.

The authors in this collection are poets, comedians, scriptwriters, academics and authors, but above all, they are all, each in their own way, fans. As someone once said, "There's no wrong way to be a fan of Doctor Who." This collection proves that point beyond a doubt.

Contributing authors: Philip Ashmore, Emilie Collyer, Adam Ford, George Ivanoff, LJ Maher, Ben McKenzie, John Richards and Jules Wilkinson, with an introduction by Aimee Rhodes.

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  • Doctor Who Dr Who television cricitism fan fiction Aimee Rhodes George Ivanoff Ben McKenzie John Richards Karen Pickering LJ Maher Emilie Collyer Philip Ashmore Jules Wilkinson Adam Ford
    Language: English / Published: 26 May 2014


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    Adam Ford

    Adam Ford is a dad and the author of the poetry books The Third Fruit is a Bird, Not Quite the Man for the Job and From My Head, the novel Man Bites Dog and the short story collection Heroes and Civilians. He is the genius behind the cult-hit website Monkey Punch Dinosaur and the twitter novel Aramis Fox.


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